AQ weapon list

A small Website about AQ weapons =AQ=

This is how to Equip your Character with The bst items around!!!

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Right here we go, If you are around Lv 70-80 you wont have a problem doing it, but even a bit lower and you cant do this!

 Right you should have 40,000 to 2,000,000 gold at this stage of the game If not then dont read on!

Ok First here is the list:

Shop Category Item

Adder’s Forge weapon Arkridge
weapon Bad-Axe
weapon Betroven Energy Gouger
weapon Power Katana
weapon SoulCarver
weapon Spirit Katana
weapon Ultra Chain Axe
weapon Ultra Shifter Blade
weapon Unlucky Sword
weapon Valor Point
Advanced Magic armor Dusk Robe
armor Earth Power
armor Invisibility Cloak
pet Cobalt Dragon
pet Crystal Flutterby
pet Flying Eyeball
pet Imp
pet Lizard Wizard
pet Undead Fire Giant
shield Crystal Magic
shield Demonbreaker
shield Dreamcatcher
shield Invisible Shield
shield Spell Blocker
spell Algorstorm
spell Aqua Purge
spell BigZapAttack
spell Blue Lightning
spell Cosmic Blaze
spell Darkness Dragon Ambush
spell Earth Rage
spell Elemental Doom
spell Elemental Rage 1
spell Elemental Rage 2
spell Four Eye Blaster
spell Griffin Strike
spell Groglurk Rage
spell Illuminate
spell Illuminate Ultra
spell Invisible Blast
spell Moglin War Party
spell Purity Portal
spell Solar Incinerator
spell Twelve Days of Frostval
spell Water Dragon Blast
weapon Abyss Blade
weapon Aqvarius
weapon Battle Rose
weapon BeastSlayer Staff
weapon Big 100K
weapon Dark Energy Scepter
weapon Dueling Dragons Staff
weapon Eagle Shadow Staff
weapon Energy Sevus
weapon Eye of the Sphinx
weapon Frostbite Staff
weapon Galaxy Wand
weapon Lightning Rod
weapon Mistral Ravager
weapon Nova Wand
weapon Poise
weapon Raynar’s Superior Blade
weapon Raynar’s Ultimate Blade
weapon Sword of the Ancients
weapon Talon Staff
weapon The HelBane
weapon Trident of Etain
weapon Twister Staff
weapon ValeSword
weapon ValeSword
Aria’s Pet Shop armor Canine Warrior
armor Flower Armor
pet Buccaneer Trobble
pet Bunny Rabbit
pet Cardinal
pet Chiken
pet Cinder Wolf
pet Crikeydile
pet Dark Wolf
pet Demon Wolf
pet Fire Vampragon
pet Fuzlee
pet Gizzard
pet Gygaf
pet Nerfkitten
pet Penguin
pet Sea Squirt
pet Skelly Zard
pet Super Chiken
pet Tough Gizzard
pet Trobble
pet Truffle
pet Truffle
pet Undead Puppy
pet Undead Zard
pet Zaph and Neely
pet Zaph and Neely
pet Zaph and Neely
shield Chameleon Shield
shield Dreamcatcher
spell Salad Shooter
spell Summon Pixie
spell Summon Skull
weapon Grass Blade
weapon Magical Turkey Dip
weapon WarHawk
weapon Whip
weapon Wolf Blade
Beginner Magic armor Arcane
armor Blob Form
pet Baby Zzott
pet Little Trobble
pet Nimbo
spell Aquabat Swarm
spell Boulderdash
spell Burn
spell Current Event
spell Dark Lightning
spell EarthStrike
spell Fire Bat Swarm
spell Fireball
spell FireStorm
spell Freeze
spell HailStorm
spell Ice Dragon Spirit
spell Iceball
spell Lightning
spell Rain Bolt
spell RainStorm
spell Shadowbat Swarm
spell Tendrils of Darkness
spell Whirlwind
weapon Arcane Scythe
weapon Book of Death
weapon Book of Death: Volume 2
weapon Coin’s Coin
weapon Coin’s Coin
weapon Deadly Wind Staff
weapon Light Sevus
weapon Raynar’s Blade
weapon Staff of Moon Calling
weapon Star Wand
weapon Vampire Blade
weapon Water Drop Mace
weapon Water Gem Staff
weapon Wave Striker
Bulbug House Extras item Aquella’s Light
item Aria Portrait
item Artix in Darkovia
item Artix Portrait
item Bishop Finch
item Dragon’s Eye
item Drakonnan Portrait
item Drakonnan’s Throne
item Kabroz
item Krovesport Painting
item Mercuria
item NightBane vs. Wolfwing
item Pae the Gecko
item Riona Portrait
item Robina Portrait
item Safiria Portrait
item The Nautican Bard
item The Nautican Thinker
item Twilly Portrait
item Zorbak Portrait
Class Armors armor Dracomancer Armor
armor Fighter Armor
armor Knight Armor
armor Rogue Outfit
armor Shinobi Shozoku
shield Shield of Rennd
spell Summon Squirrel
weapon Black Axe
weapon Blade of Rennd
weapon Dire Black Axe
weapon Fatal Razor Fan
weapon Great Blade of Rennd
weapon Heian Bow
weapon Krovebow
weapon Razor Fan
weapon Silent Razor Fan
weapon Storm Bow
weapon Tanto-Jutte
weapon Tessen
Drakel Market armor Drakel Power Armor
armor Energy Plate
armor Lightning
armor Protector
pet Can-can Cannon
shield Energy Shield
spell Salad Shooter
spell Sonic Boom
weapon Drakel Flasher
weapon Drakel Flasher v 2.0
weapon Drakel Flasher v 3.0
weapon Enforcer Blade
weapon IceRazor
weapon Lightning Grip Axe
weapon Liquid Fire
weapon SuperSoaker
weapon Thunder Mace
weapon Un-Blade
weapon Volcano Mace
Frogzard Hunter armor Frogzard Hunter
armor Frogzard Rider Armor
armor Zardslayer
pet Angry Tortoise
pet Baby Frogzard
pet Bloodworm
pet Flyrtle
pet Platypus
pet Spidey-Pet
shield Frogzard Shield
shield Sackelberry Special
weapon BoomBoomerang
weapon Boomerang
weapon Fishhook Blade
weapon GumBlade
weapon Juicy Fruit
weapon The Claw
weapon Whip
Frostvale Village armor Deimos Plate
armor Ice Breaker
armor Ice Plate
armor Nemesis Plate
armor Phobos Plate
pet Ice Dragon Egg
pet IceCat
pet Penguin
shield Deimos Shield
shield Ice Shield
shield Mogloo
shield Nemesis Shield
shield Phobos Shield
spell Avalanche Attack
spell Moglin War Party
weapon Blizzard Wand
weapon Chill Ripper
weapon Chill Ripper
weapon Chill Ripper
weapon Deimos Mace
weapon FrostBow
weapon Frosted Broadsword
weapon Ice Katana
weapon Nemesis Mace
weapon Phobos Mace
Galanoth armor DragonSlayer
armor Elite Dragon Slayer
armor Golden Dragonslayer
armor Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse
weapon Dragonslayer Axe
weapon Draksaw
Guardian armor Big Red Button
armor Black Pirate garb
armor Elemental Fighter
armor Female Drakel Disguise
armor Flame Guardian Plate
armor Guardian Suld Armor
armor Male Drakel Disguise
armor Pyromancer’s Robe
pet Big Clone
pet Brightwolf
pet Clone
pet Fairy Godfather
pet Fairy Godmother
pet Guardian Firezard
pet IceWere
pet Little Clone
pet Nerfkitten
pet Nerfkitten
pet Thunder Troll
pet Thunder Troll
pet Tough Sea Squirt
pet Ultra FireWere
pet Ultra IceWere
shield Monster Claw
shield Undead Terror
spell Earth Fury
spell Earth Spikes
spell MegaShock
spell Shock
weapon Akriloth Blade
weapon Akriloth Blade
weapon Destroyer
weapon Destroyer
weapon Dire Staff of Nihilus
weapon Dread Staff of Nihilus
weapon Fist of Darkness
weapon Fist of Earth
weapon Fist of Energy
weapon Fist of Fire
weapon Fist of Ice
weapon Fist of Light
weapon Fist of Water
weapon Fist of Wind
weapon Fyre Force
weapon Fyre Force Ultimate
weapon Guardian Trench Axe
weapon Sinister Curve
weapon Sinister Curve
weapon Staff of Nihilus
weapon Super Pzycho Sabre
weapon Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 40)
weapon The Great Divider
weapon Therion’s Spike
weapon Ultimate Destroyer
weapon Ultimate Destroyer
weapon Ultimate Trench Axe
Higgins Real Estate house Forest Log Cabin
house Forest Tent
house Forest Tiki Hut
item BURP Guard
item Crystal Hound Guard
item Earth Dragon
item Earth Dragon
item Energy Dragon
item Energy Dragon
item Ferocious BURP Guard
item Fluffy Guard Sheep
item Giant Deadwood
item Gogg Guard
item Guard Dog
item Guard Dog
item Guard Dog
item Guard Sheep
item Ice Dragon
item Ice Dragon
item MeGogg Guard
item Mutant Dracolich Guard
item Mutant Dracolich Guard!
item Mutant Dracolich Guard!!
item Nefarius
item Nerfkitten
item Phoenix Guard
item Red Dragon
item Undead Ninja Guard
item War Dragon
item Wind Dragon
item Wind Dragon
Mage Class Shop armor Mage Robes
weapon Dark Magestaff
weapon Earth Magestaff
weapon Energy Magestaff
weapon Fire Magestaff
weapon Ice Magestaff
weapon Light Magestaff
weapon Water Magestaff
weapon Wind Magestaff
Paladin Storeroom armor Gilded Plate
armor Pyrite Plate
armor Shining Armor
shield Gilded Shield
shield Grand Tower Shield
shield Pyrite Shield
shield Sun Shield
spell Daybreak
spell Daybreak
spell Heal Scratches
spell Heal Wounds
spell Light of Mana
spell Ray of Light
spell Spectrum Swirl
spell Sunburst
spell Vanquish Shadow
weapon Aged Holy Water
weapon Angelic Scepter
weapon Axe of Radiance
weapon Bad-Axe
weapon Battleaxe of Light
weapon Blinding Blade
weapon Flare Flail
weapon Gilded Axe
weapon Golden Polearm
weapon Golden Summoner
weapon Heaven and Earth
weapon Holy Water
weapon Lightbolt Crossbow
weapon Lighthammer
weapon Lightmace
weapon Pyrite Axe
weapon Royal Elven Blade
weapon SolSaber
weapon Spear of Lumina
weapon Starbow
weapon Sunslash Polearm
Robina’s Shop armor Daulfin Rider
armor Horse Rider Armor
armor Inferno Steed Rider
misc Duma Sunstone
misc Kaga Moonstone
misc Nobu Emerald
misc Raaz Sapphire
misc Setsu Garnet
misc Seven Leaf Clover
shield Chameleon Shield
shield Dreamcatcher
shield Mogloo
shield Siege Tower Shield
shield Zephyr
weapon Crossbow
weapon Darkbow
weapon Darkhammer
weapon Fire Throwing Knives
weapon Firebolt Crossbow
weapon FrostBow
weapon Halberd
weapon Helslinger
weapon Helslinger
weapon Ice Bolo
weapon Icebolt Crossbow
weapon LongBow
weapon Qiang of Exploding
weapon SeaBow
weapon Shifter Bow
weapon Siren Spear
weapon Super Crossbow
weapon Superbow
weapon Ultimate Crossbow
weapon Ultra Shifter Bow
weapon WarHawk
weapon Water Balloon Launcher
weapon Whip
weapon Xbow
weapon YoZor
weapon ZingShot
weapon Zulian Blowgun
Vampire Shop armor Vamp
weapon Basic VampSpear
weapon Blood Blade
weapon Blood Blade
weapon FireBlood Blade
weapon Royal VampSpear
weapon Sharpened VampSpear
VampireSlayer Shop armor NightHunter Vampire Slayer
armor Vampire Slayer
shield Night Shield
shield Nighthunter
shield Shield of Darkness
spell Daybreak
spell Light of Mana
spell Ray of Light
spell Sunburst
weapon Aged Holy Water
weapon Bludbow
weapon Witchblade
weapon Wolfbane Gun
Vampragon pet Baby Vampragon
pet Dark Vampragon
pet Earth Vampragon
pet Energy Vampragon
pet Fire Vampragon
pet FireLight Vampragon
pet Ice Vampragon
pet Light Vampragon
pet Water Vampragon
pet Wind Vampragon
Werepyre armor Werepyre Form
Werewolf Shop armor Lycan
weapon Basic LycanBow
weapon DuaLight Sword
weapon Fearsome DuaLight
weapon Feral LycanBow
weapon King’s DuaLight
weapon Lycan Magic Slasher
weapon Lycan Slasher
weapon Lycan Slasher
weapon Royal LycanBow
Wizard Class armor Blood Wizard Robe
armor Blue Wizard Robe
armor Dark Wizard Robe
armor Red Wizard Robe
armor Spring Wizard Robe
armor White Wizard Robe
weapon AutumnDawn Staff
weapon Fusion Staff
weapon Liquiscepter
weapon Staff of Thorns
Yulgar’s Back Room armor Avenger
armor Demonic
armor Martial Artist Form
armor Razor’s Edge Plate
armor Samurai Form
shield Gyrate Shield
shield Night Shield
shield Shifter
shield Starblaze Shield
weapon Bad-Axe
weapon Betroven Wind Gouger
weapon Bludrunt Blade
weapon Chill Ripper
weapon Death Flail
weapon Energy Cleaver
weapon Fire Lord’s Axe
weapon Flame Hatchet
weapon Giant Frozen Mace
weapon Ionic Slasher
weapon Lucky Sword
weapon Polacco
weapon Pummeller
weapon SeaSlayer
weapon Shadowoksen
weapon Storm Sword
weapon Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 50)
weapon Zinn Seed
Yulgar’s Shop armor Aqua
armor Breakneck Robe
armor Dark Plate
armor Dragonscale
armor Earthen Plate
armor Energy Plate
armor Fire Plate
armor Flower Armor
armor Ice Plate
armor Lightning
armor Razor Plate
armor Stone
armor Suld Armor
armor Water Plate
armor Wind Plate
shield Assassin Shield
shield Fire Shield
shield Glave Shield
shield Ice Shield
shield Shield of Darkness
shield Water Shield
shield Wind Shield
shield Wooden Shield
weapon Advanced Chain Axe
weapon Axe of Kralos
weapon Bad-Axe
weapon Betroven Water Gouger
weapon Chain Axe
weapon Cursed Scythe
weapon Dark Blade
weapon Darkthorn
weapon Energy Blade
weapon Energy Flail
weapon Evil Battleaxe
weapon Fire Blade
weapon Gemblade
weapon Hook Fist
weapon Horn Blade
weapon Hotshot Sword
weapon Ice Blade
weapon Ice Shard
weapon Lucky Lamp
weapon Mahj Blade
weapon Nemeta’s Conquerer
weapon Ninja’s Breath
weapon Pummeler
weapon Pzycho Blade
weapon Shifter Blade
weapon Skull Sword
weapon Soul Katana
weapon The Golden Eye
weapon Viking Sword
weapon Vorpal Edge
weapon Zin Seed

 I have highlighted the Items you must get!!!!!!

Of course there is Adventure’s, guardians and X-Guardians and this was aimed at Non guardians!!!!!!!!

if you want to know how much an item is i will be happy to tell you


Also Here is how to Slaughter Ultra Arkiriloth (10,536 HP 7242 MP)

originally started by Neon ( Neon’s guide).

Guide to Killing Ultra Akriloth

You may not think you can beat Akriloth, but he’s actually easier than you think. You don’t need to be a level 125 with 175 End and 175 Int/Str, it can be done by level 75 (maybe even lower) with the right approach. This approach guarantees a high success rate. Even if you don’t meet all these recommendations, you can still attempt it- doesn’t mean you won’t win.

Akriloth Info (Buffed version of UAD. he is ALOT stronger now…):

Where do I find UAD?

*you can find him in the encyclopaedia (first post, not second one), but unfortunately he is invincible (except for the mods of course )

*If you’re a guardian, you can go to Travel -> Dragonstone -> Plasma Dragons. Akriloth is the boss but you don’t get any rewards for beating him other than the gold/exp.

*If you’re a guardian, you can also find him in a portal in The Return of Riona Shadowgale! (Thanks SCAKK).

*If you’re level 108+, you can meet them in Random Adventure or Fire Yonder (you shouldn’t have trouble beating him if you are that high levelled).

Reccomended Stats:

INT: 100+ (If Hybrid or Mage, some INT is reccomended for Warriors due to MP requirement)
STR: 100+ (If Warrior)
END: 100+
DEX: 80+ (higher STR/INT can supplement inaccuracy from low DEX)
LUK: Not neccessary
CHA: Not neccessary

Recommended Hp Requirement: 900+
Recommended MP Requirement: 900+

i now say recommended HP/MP req. because both Ervin and Quadfours were able to do it with just over 550HP and in quadfours case, just over 600MP. note however, that they both had strong weapons in the form of Poise and EIK, which is why i still kept the recommendation at what it is.

Recommended Equipment (choose one of each):


1. Flame Guardian Armour (Either Temp or Perm)
2. Golden Plate / Nightmare Plate
3. Avenger
4. Dragon Slayer Armour (Must have Lv 10 Ability Activated)
5. Wizard Robes (for method 3 only)
6. Paladin armour (more for the LoH than the light damage skills)(thanks hinderlopen)
7. Golden Dragonslayer (eclipse) but be warned that this one’s CftFD is level scaled (thanks Koatar)
8. Tharg Hide (thanks 0v3rK1lL)
9. Reign/Heir/Scion Plate
10. Shadow cloak
11. Male/Female Asgir armours
12. Dragonrider armour (thanks King Hazzy)
13. Inferno steed rider
14. Gatta Rider/ Gatekeeper (only for those that own it. dont buy it just to beat UAD)


1. Ultra Ice Katana/ Ice Katana/ Elite Ice Katana
2. Nightmare/Demios Mace, Golden/Gilded Axe
3. Destroyer / Ultimate Destroyer (L66/86, Water)
4. Ultimate Destroyer (L87, Ice)
5. Cryo Crystal Shard (Thanks for the reminder Sublex)
6. Chill Ripper (L68/86)
7. Grim Vestige
8. Aqvarius
9. Arkridge
10. Fire Blood Blade, Blood Blade (70), Lumpy Skull Club (for method 2 only)
11. Dragon Blade/ Ice dragonBlade/ Light DragonBlade (Many have annoyed me about not including this weapon. Let me say it’s feasible but not as effective as Ice/Water weapons. Due to Akriloth’s 300% to ice & water, the power of those weapons are effectively tripled. These Dragon Blades deal Element X which is equivalent to only 100%)
12. Cryzta
13. Orc Master’s blade/ Orc Master’s Blade of Power (Cloud10014 needed to remind me?!?!)
14. Orc Cleaver/ Orc Cleaver of Power
15. Celestia
16. Mega DragonBlade (thanks dna cupcake for the reminder)
17. Mother rose staff (thanks asdf for the rare nudge)
18. Raynar’s Superior/Ultimate Blade (thanks Mr G W and Surfing Blue Llama)
19. Akriloth Blade (for method 2 ONLY)
20. LycanBows (thanks lord dracoma for this one)
21. Dragonfang Scimitar Z
22. Harvest Reaper
23. Frozen Claymore (thanks Madking….)
24. Blade of Peace
25. Abyssal Staff (thanks Dudalicous)
26. Sword of the frost King
27. Poise (thanks Silver Dragon)
28. Swordfish
29. Razorscale
30. Asgir Crippler
31. Water/Light Spirit staff
32. Guitar Axe
33. Cinco de Mayo (i think you cant use it anymore, but if you can, then strike the strike)
34. lvl 70/82/100 Salvation scepter and Salvation Bow, lvl 82/100 Salvation Blade


1. Farzhard Mogloo
2. Golden Shield
3. Starblaze
4. Shifter
5. Dreamcatcher
6. Nightmare Shield
7. Seige Tower
8. Father Time. if you didnt get it, you missed out on too much now that the eye of Naab is out you can get the same effects with better defenses! you will have to have it equipped at the beginning of the batle though to get its proper effect, and from experimentation it seems like you cant unequip it, so the people that will benefit the most are those who are going for a PK and want that full reversal before their final blow.
9. Reign/Heir/Scion Defender
10. Shadowbones
11. Asgir shield


1. Water Vampragon / Ice Vampragon
2. Magical Egg (level 65 or 80) / Werehare
3. Daimyo
4. Fairy Godmother
5. Little Clone / Clone / Big Clone (Equipped with a strong Ice/Water/ Light weapon. do not use them with Dragon Blade since they will deal earth damage, which is zero against UAD)
6. Twig (got fish?)
7. Blue Crabb (only slightly weaker than Twig, but rarer O.o)
8. Ice cat/Ice dragon egg (thanks tainted_flesh)
9. Icewolf (thanks liger 03)
10. Icewere
11. Firewere/Ultra Firewere (only for method 2)
12. Ice Rhino
13. Blubber Squib
14. Gogg
15. Nerf Kitten (thanks to teh nasty Jaina Proudmore ^_^)- Recommended for Method 3.3
16. Bungles the Penguin
17. Tough sea squirt
18. Deadeye Cupid (ty pink panther)
19. Bobble Devourer (only method 2)


1. Heal Wounds
2. Algorstorm/Aqua Purge/Sun Burst/Whirl Tide/Star Forge/Ice Needles
3. Scrambler Beam (for method 2 only)
4. Riptide/Riiiptide
5. Illuminate/Illuminate Ultra
6. 11th/ 9th day of Frostval
7. Candy Corn Storm


1. 30 Health Potions, Mana Potions are optional, although for Method 3.3, you will need a full set of mana potions
**Potions can be obtained quickly from “Out at Sea” and Yonder, although some prefer the LJ approach due to the gold/Xp outcomes that accompany it. also you could buy IK from 5 LJs with potion looting, another bonus.

Guests: (If you want to use something other than Poison Dragon Cloud)

1. Mogleet- Nice freezing, buys your extra turns to deal more damage or heal (fairly reliable).
2. Guardian Angel- Feeling lucky? (can’t guarantee it’ll always work)
3. Poelala- Magic damage boosts, for high levels mages that want to sweep this guy (recommended for lv 85+)
4. Twilly (not the DS version, the other one that heals you amazing amounts over long times)

Misc. Items:

1. Amulet of Drakonnan (rare)- This gives -10% to your fire resistance, +5 to your magic defence, +10 INT. Great for extra fire resistance and/or spell casters who want that extra bit of spell damage. (Thank you Soap man for the heads up).
2. Ice Orb
3. Mermazon Kelp/Magma Leaf/Blackroot
4. Urn of Daryngord/Everfrozen Shard
5. Dragon Spirit Totem (thanks Silver Dragon)


Method 1: (The Original Method- Most Reliable)

1. Have “Call Forth The Fire Dragon” active and ready.

2. Switch to DS armour and summon “Poison Dragon” when the second Plasma Dragon Solder has only 100 hp remaining, it’s best to switch to a weapon without a special so you don’t kill him.

3. Do not change from DS armour. Bring out your required pet if you have not already done so and finish of the dragon, bring out your required shield.

4. Heal and embrace yourself to face Akriloth

5. First turn: Use “Call Forth The Fire Dragon” (by the end of this turn you will have taken 3000 hp from Akriloth)

6. Second turn: Switch to Golden Plate / Nightmare or Flame Guardian Armour. If you’re using the former, ignore the instructions relating Flame Guardian Armour.

7. Allow Akriloth to charge your Flame Guardian Armour (if you don’t have golden). This should only take two turns and you will receive considerable damage, however, you now have incredibly strong fire resistance (50% to fire + shield resistance).

8. Top yourself to full health with your potions.

9. Begin attacking Akriloth with your current weapon. Spells can also be used, but it is recommend to save your MP for heal wounds.

10. Use Heal Wounds and more potions when needed. If you run out of MP/potions you can use the LoH you might have charged, although you will have to get hit again in your FGP if you want to reequip it (the elemental resistance resets if you swap armours)

11. Keep attacking Akriloth till he dies.

12. Watch Akriloth explode and taste sweet victory. If you failed, don’t feel bad- you may need to level up or find where you made a mistake. When you think you’re ready, try again.

Note: The Poison Dragon Cloud removes 5% of UAD’s remaining hp but will disappear after 12 turns, don’t attempt to resummon it unless your using Golden Plate armour. Call Forth the Fire Dragon removes 33% of UAD’s remaining hp. For best results, use CFTFD on your first turn.
Note2: You can also use the Blood Blades if you manage to get darkness to 250%/300%, although you wouldnt want to use Akriloth’s blade to become Akriloth, unless youre lucky and the scrambler beam switches both darkness and fire to something nice and high. dont use scrambler beam more than twice though, because its benefit outweighs its disadvantage if he does two breath attacks while youre still playing with scrambler beam…

Method 2: (The Shifty Method- Heaps of Fun)

1. Buy Fire Blood Blade and Scrambler Beam (from Safiria’s Caste and Vince’s shops respectively)

2. Make sure you equip a strong fire defence armour and shield listed in the equipment section at the last Plasma Dragon. Also have your pet and guest ready.

3. Use “Call Forth the Fire Dragon” to remove 1/3 of his hp (optional)

4. Start off with scrambler beam and repeat until Akriloth’s fire defence is 250% or 300%

5. Bust out you Fire Blood Blade and start slashing Akriloth with it. Occasionally it’s special will heal you and when it does, you gain ~ 400 hp. If you have Akriloth Blade instead you can wait till the special activates, transforming into Akriloth and then equipping a stronger weapon to do more damage.

6. Use Heal Wounds and Potions whenever you hp goes below 250. If you run out of MP/potions you can use the LoH you might have charged, though i doubt that will happen

7. Basically use steps 6 and 7 until Akriloth dies or you die. Hopefully the former.

Method 3: (Magical Blitzkrieg- Fastest Method But Requires a High Level Mage / Hybrid)thanks Crynsos for the typo (he’s german o.O)

1. It is reccomended that you are level 85+ with 150+ INT and 90+ END. Make sure you have Ice Needles, Aqua Purge, Star Forge (L65) or Whirl Tide (L65) in your inventory. Also remember to bring along at least 5 Mana potions and Wizard Robes.

2. Make sure you equip a strong fire defence armour and shield listed in the equipment section at the last Plasma Dragon. Also have your pet and guest ready.

3. Use “Call Forth the Fire Dragon” to remove 1/3 of his hp (optional)

4. Storm Akriloth with the spell(s) of your choice and heal with heal wounds and health potions when neccessary.

5. If your mana runs low, switch to Wizard Robes and use Mana Morph and choose to use a Mana potion. This MP healing is far more effective than drinking MP potions or Mana Regen. Alternatively you could use the LoH, if you have charged it.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until Akriloth is dead.

Method 3.3: (Safe Magical Blitzkrieg- a method to use when everything goes wrong… Cold Magical Blitzkreig- for those mages that dont like to dirty their robes)

TLo pointed out a safety hazard in this method, so i had to play around with it a bit. DNA cupcake also noted that with UAD’s END there is a 12.5% to resist a freeze, so that means that you would be getting hit once every 10 turns or so, which isnt good for an annihilator. however, DNA Cupcake was kind enough to recommend a nerfkitten to help reduce that nasty END on UAD.

I would recommend you have CFTFD fully charged up, level 9 wizard robes, FGM, father time shield (ultra recommended) and BoA/GB/IK (sell a cheap weapon if you dont have IK and buy it again later)

1. start off by casting a frostbite, which will give you 2 turns.

2. Switch to your DS armour and cast CFTFD. you will do 33% damage and still have a turn to spare if your weapons special doesnt go off.

3. Cast Dragon Freeze, and keep on doing so until you are nearing the end of your mana. if he still has alot of health switch to GB/BoA and continue the Dragon Freeze, and hope for a GD summon, a PWD or a health/mana vampire. its like a good technique for a tier 2 or lower PK, but even a tier 1 PK isnt out of the question if you get lucky with father time shield. LoH is priceless for this technique (or any for that matter)

note: i used this technique with Golden DS, Reign Defender, Amulet of Drakkonan and FGM/Poison cloud and i defeated him with ease. i think i owe it mainly to my Lumpy skull club though, because i hadnt charged up anything. i had 196 HP and 4 MP left.

 NOW this is the Random monster list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Encounter Monsters

Level Name Element
0 Frogzard
0 Icezard
0 Potion Treasure Chest
0 Firebird
0 Huge Rat
0 Cor-Demi
1 Drakel Caster
1 Undead Knight
1 Firezard
1 Energyzard
1 Giant Spider
1 SkySeeker
1 Sunray
1 Blecch
2 Deathwood
2 Drakel Warrior
2 Seed Spitter
2 Vagaran
2 Torch Foot
2 Animal Box
2 Evil Eye
3 Darkzard
3 TadZard
3 Am-Bush
4 Wasp Swarm
4 Arroc
4 Drakel Water Mage
4 Zzott
4 Snayl
4 Fire Drakel Warrior
4 Sickly Zombie
4 Shiny Treasure Chest
5 Crabee
5 Undead Archer
5 Undead Soldier
5 Undead Troll
5 The Bloatt
5 Piranhas
5 Dark Knight
5 Dragon Blade?
5 O’Teeny
5 Samurai Warrior
5 Mermazon
5 Sarkanian
5 Undead Ribber
5 Malth
5 Rock Star
6 Mud Golem
6 Ice Golem
6 RayZard
6 Mantik
6 Fire Mantik
6 Fire Seed Spitter
6 Undead Paladin
6 Salamander
7 Windzard
7 IceSnayl
8 Snow Warrior
8 Glayser
8 Gnarl
8 Lesser Djinni
9 Stone Golem
9 Fumidus
9 MiniWorm
9 Lesser Zombie
10 Razorwing
10 Vampire Bat
10 Drakel Enforcer
10 Fire Fiend
10 Fire Drakel Wizard
10 Ice Knight
10 Wild Worm
10 Brigling
10 Drakel Power Scout
10 Gnuvain the Changer
10 Orc Footsoldier
10 Gris Dingle
10 Dark Cave
10 Dark Cave
10 Mermazon Archer
10 Herdmaster
10 Duke of HaZard
11 Mawler
11 Fire Knight
12 Glow Worm
12 Prismix
12 Frazzlhutch
12 Worm Caster
13 Undead Wounded
13 Quizzat
13 Chrask
14 Undead Mage
14 Berserker Worm
14 Dwakel
15 Mermazon
15 Undead SpellSword
15 Wun-Dead
15 Whomp
15 Hell Hound
15 Two-Bear
15 Cyclops
15 SkyHunter
15 Soldier Wasps
15 Young Minotaur
15 Garganth
15 WhaleZard
15 CloudZard
15 NightZard
15 LightZard
15 ToadZard
15 BlizZard
15 StormZard
15 Undead Moglin Knight
15 Hybee Scout
15 Razorclaw
15 Malgru
15 Undead Paladin
16 Velociraider
16 Demon Cat
16 IceShifter
16 InfernoZard
17 Gargoyle
17 Worm Knight
17 Dastardly Gloop
18 Zeel
18 Shevite
18 Worm Rider
18 Young Fire Dragon
18 Young Darkness Dragon
19 Dwarf Warrior
19 Chomper
19 Plasma Dragon Worker
20 Emerald Slime
20 Magman
20 Frost Giant
20 WereBat
20 Forest Demon
20 Zard Ice Pack
20 Little BURP
20 Gnuvain the Changer
20 Zombie Knight
20 Orc Archer
20 Fire Ants
20 Battle Whale
20 Am-Bush
21 The Unseen
22 D.R.O.U.S.
22 Seadog
22 Fire Eater
22 Tundra Reaver
23 Drakel Air Raider
23 Orc Swordsman
23 Undead Paladin
24 Weather Witch
24 Hydrak
25 Fire Golem
25 Clawg
25 Griffin
25 Grizzle
25 Demon Tree
25 Skeeter
25 Sand Shark
25 Death Witch
25 Four Eyed Freak
25 Undead Freak
25 Moglin Freak
25 Orc Mage
25 Orc Gladiator
25 Sneak
25 Drakel Ice Mage
25 Gregg Plant
25 NinjaZard
25 Moglin Friends
26 Phoenix
26 Bright Sunray
26 Moonray
27 Lectro
28 Mjolnid
28 Blecch
28 Owl
29 Grunt
29 Ferocious Chrask
30 Kresh
30 MotherZard
30 Frenzied Piranhas
30 Slaxe
30 Light Sentinel
30 King Cobra
30 Ice Warlord
30 Emerald Golem
30 Drakel Water Raider
30 Troll
30 The Seeker
30 Pygmy Zombie
30 Merchant
30 Hybee Scout
30 Orc Bandit
30 Herdmaster
30 Sea Squirt
31 Undead Commander
32 Lesser WarBeast
32 Draegan Avenger
32 Mondrogor
32 Deery
33 Fire Warlord
33 Sorceress
33 Young Salamander
33 Little Gogg
34 Thrachee
34 Plodd
35 Braken
35 Undead Giant
35 DarkShifter
35 Drakel Destroyer
35 Fire Cobra
35 Ice Burrower
35 Undead Skull Knight
35 Sneak
35 Umazen Bandit
35 Paladin Axe Master
35 Undead Paladin
36 Gorarog
36 Mummicane
36 Demon Steed
36 Terropain
36 Stat Roller
37 Ruby Golem
38 Szniflip
38 Vagaran Warfighter
39 Forgah
40 Adalon
40 Minotaur
40 WereWolf
40 Snow BunnyZard
40 Junior Zard Pack
40 Zombie
40 Hybee Soldier
40 Beldak
40 Mermazon Archer
40 Mini BURP
40 Duke of HaZard
40 Am-Bush
41 Searlok
42 Iron Golem
42 The Horror
42 Undead Paladin
42 Ghost?
44 Zzzzzzott
44 Drakel Power Armor
44 Mermazon Berserker
44 DemonSpectre
45 Yeti
45 Grandmother Zard
45 Giant Nautoid
45 Slattwob
45 Xyfrag
45 Hybee Scout
45 Gizzard
46 Legendary Warrior
47 Fire Eater
47 Angry Protester
48 Demon Panther
50 Greater WarBeast
50 Animal Box
50 Altidont
50 Zarlath
50 Necrofiend
50 Fire Demon
50 Ice Demon
50 Undead War Party
50 Giant Chicken Trobble
50 Croaker
50 Gnuvain the Changer
50 Sneak
50 Samurai Warrior
50 Undead Ribber
50 Paladin Captain
50 Undead Paladin
50 Sea Squirt
50 Ice Cweam
51 Sarkanian
51 Fire Gloop
52 Gargel
52 Velociraider Rex
52 The Seeker
53 Berserker
53 Djinni
54 Tundra Reaver
54 Ghoul
55 Light Demon
55 Water Dragon
55 Big Zombie
55 Drakel War Party
55 Dragoo
55 O’Meany
55 Battle Whale
55 Herdmaster
56 Cyclops Defender
56 Undead Berserker
57 Creech
57 Griffin Queen
58 Hungry Braken
58 Undead Basher
60 Chimera
60 Minotaur Prime
60 Big BURP
60 Savvy Merchant
60 Hybee Scout
60 Sarkanian Bladesman
60 Warrior Troll
60 Ice Clawg
60 Am-Bush
61 Sphinx
62 Thunderbird
63 Elite Frogzard
63 Four Eyed Menace
63 Banshee
63 Razorclaw
64 Sea Titan
64 Sarkanian Charioteer
65 Darkness Dragon
65 Behemoth
65 Avalurch
65 Umazen
65 Acidragon
65 Undead Paladin
65 Ghost?
66 Death Knight
66 Cyclops Chieftain
67 Gogg
67 Cthulion
68 Undead Horse
69 Pirrelvag the Blizzard Dragon
70 Serlissa the Water Dragon
70 Vampire
70 Fire Ants
71 Fire Orbs
72 Night Terror
72 Sun-Eater
72 The Roc
72 Acid Spitter
73 The Seeker
74 Centocor
75 Energy Dragon
75 Dracolich Rider, (Undead Dragon)
75 Hybee Scout
75 Sneak
75 Undead Paladin
75 Herdmaster
75 Wolverine
76 Big Salamander
76 Michaelon Entan
77 Edan the Fire Dragon
77 Drowned Angry Rat
77 Elf Power Armor
78 Magman Superior
78 Deadly Natator
79 Drakel Swordmistress
80 Trigoras the Dragon
80 Shadowfire Knight
80 Rabid BURP
80 Zard X-3
80 Orc Horde
80 Duke of HaZard
80 Am-Bush
81 Xarav
81 Deadly Wind Wasps
82 Sea Brigling
82 Battle Troll
82 Mondrogor
83 Aquus
84 Supreme Iceshifter
85 Plasma Dragon Lord
85 Hydra
85 Elite Zeel
85 Krathan the Centocor
85 Umazen Queen
85 Pheron
85 Harpy Queen
85 Undead Paladin
85 Gorgonzilla
86 Grand Sphinx
87 Xyfrag
88 Kharssal
88 Kelp Ball
89 HelZard
90 VorpalZard
90 The Reaper
90 Moglin UberFreak
90 SuperMegaUltraGigaworm
90 Hybee Scout
90 Malgru
90 Sneak
90 Flame Dragon
90 Triple Platinum Rock Star
90 GoldenZard
91 Sneak on a Plain
92 Megogg
92 Lightbringer
92 Thunder Troll
92 Pzycho Fiend
93 Gatta BURP Slayer
94 Supreme Darkshifter
95 Entromorph
95 Ziragat (undead dragon)
95 Kel-Al Relish, Jr.
97 The Seeker
98 Huge Salamander
99 Mr. Worm
99 Kitten of Doom
100 Adult Battle Whale
100 Herd Boss
100 Mega BURP
100 Am-Bush
100 Naga Arch-Sorceress
101 Sneak on a Plain
103 Sine qua non
105 King Frost
109 Energy Esprey
110 Kel-Al Relish, King of the Trolls
111 Banshee Messenger
112 Night Horror
113 Sine qua non
114 Mythical Warrior
115 FlibbitiestGibbest
116 Tropopause Tyrant
117 Klubber, the Undead Dude
118 Bruce the Soralag (Dragon,Drakel)
119 Dire Shade Dweezel, Dragon
120 Ultra Akriloth, Dragon
121 The Elder Void Wyrm, Dragon
122 Z.A.R.D.I.S
130 Sarah the NerfKitten
130 Ninja Cleric
140 ArMegoggon

Please comment if i have missed out any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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